Ethical Paper

Producing Reflex paper from native forests impacts our climate, water and wildlife.

The production of woodchips for pulp and paper is the largest driver of forest destruction in Australia and Australian Paper, maker of Reflex, is the largest domestic purchaser of pulplogs from Victoria's native forests.

Viable alternatives exist. Australia currently has a vast amount of plantation wood available so there is no excuse for Reflex to be produced from the destruction of our native forests.

Logging native forests damages crucial wildlife habitat, damages water catchments and releases huge amounts of carbon into the atmosphere - globally, 'logging and land-use changes' account for approx 20% of all greenhouse gas emissions.

Furthermore, most forestry jobs are in the plantation sector but state governments use our taxpayer dollars to sell native forests at artificially low prices, undermining the plantation sector and putting plantation jobs at risk.

Get your business or organisation to join more than 1800 others that have pledged not to purchase Reflex Paper until Australian Paper stops sourcing from our native forests. It's an excellent way to show that your organisation is committed to a sustainable future for Australia.